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inControl Diabetes Management Platform

TypeZero is leveraging more than 10 years of clinical trials, research, and innovation to develop the inControl Diabetes Management Platform to improve and simplify the lives of people with diabetes.

Our Products

People with Diabetes

Effectively managing your diabetes is a daily struggle, and you need a solution that’s safe, simple, and effective. TypeZero’s inControl platform includes advisory applications for smart insulin pens and smartphone-based artificial pancreas systems that automatically regulate insulin delivery, drastically reduce hypoglycemia, and significantly improve blood glucose levels. inControl eliminates the need for minute-to-minute decision making, allowing you to spend less time managing your diabetes and more time living your life. inControl also reduces the significant device burden many persons with diabetes face by offering a streamlined system that can be tailored to fit your unique needs and lifestyle.

People with Diabetes

Healthcare Professionals

TypeZero’s therapy optimization tools can help you guide your patients to make smarter decisions about their diabetes management. Whether it’s adjusting basal regimens, tweaking carb ratios, or coaching patients on when and what to eat, TypeZero’s clinician-oriented products give you data-driven insight into a patient’s habits, areas of risk, and opportunities for parameter changes. Drawing on next-generation data science techniques, proven metabolic models, and a deep understanding of the challenges facing providers today, TypeZero’s therapy optimization suite includes data aggregation, risk analysis, and data visualization tools.

Healthcare Professionals

Our Team

We're a diverse team of passionate, seasoned professionals with significant experience in diabetes research, medical devices, software development, and start-up management. Our team is dedicated to changing the way the world treats and manages diabetes.

Meet the Team
  • Chad Rogers

  • Patrick Keith-Hynes

  • Colin Steele

  • Daniel Cherñavvsky

  • Meagan Collins

    Operations Manager
  • Joe Lawson

    Director of Developer Operations
  • Benton Mize

    Software Engineer
  • Stephen Patek

    VP of Research and Development
  • Brandon Rose

    Quality System Management Director
  • Boris Kovatchev

    Chief Mathematician
  • Marc Breton

    Algorithm Researcher
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Chad Rogers


Chad is a founder and the CEO of TypeZero. He is focused on the day-to-day strategy, operations, product vision and overall commercialization efforts for the company. Chad comes from a start-up background in medical devices and software.

Patrick Keith-Hynes


As a TypeZero founder and Chief Science Officer, Patrick is focused on rapidly bringing the inControl system to market. Patrick developed the DiAs smartphone-based Artificial Pancreas system as an assistant research professor at the University of Virginia.

Colin Steele


Colin brings more than 20 years of diverse experience in IT, consulting, and start-up management to TypeZero. As Chief Technology Officer, Colin drives the implementation of all technical architecture and software development for TypeZero's diabetes products and solutions.

Daniel Cherñavvsky


Danny is TypeZero’s Chief Medical Officer. As a pediatric nephrologist who works extensively with children with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, Danny ensures TypeZero’s products and company strategy meet the diverse needs of the diabetes community.

Meagan Collins

Operations Manager

Meagan oversees TypeZero’s day-to-day office operations and provides project management and communications support. Her background is in corporate communications and medical education administration.

Joe Lawson

Director of Developer Operations

Joe brings more than 15 years of software development and engineering experience to TypeZero. As senior director of Developer Operations, Joe oversees cloud infrastructure development, deployment practices, and information security and compliance for the company.

Benton Mize

Software Engineer

Benton, T1D since 2005, has worked on the inControl platform from its early development at UVA to the current sophisticated version at TypeZero. He is passionate about device integration and communication, as well as reducing system complexity for fellow persons with diabetes.

Stephen Patek

VP of Research and Development

Steve is a founder of TypeZero and serves as VP of Research and Development. He is responsible for generating and evaluating new algorithm concepts for advanced treatments of diabetes. Steve splits his time between TypeZero and the University of Virginia where he is an Associate Professor of Systems and Information Engineering and has been involved in diabetes technology research since 2007.

Brandon Rose

Quality System Management Director

Brandon manages TypeZero’s software processes to ensure compliance with FDA and ISO requirements, as well as oversees the implementation of all quality management system documentation and procedures. He brings more than 15 years of engineering, regulatory, and quality management experience to the company.

Boris Kovatchev

Chief Mathematician

Boris is a founder and Chief Mathematician at TypeZero. He is the founder of UVA’s Center for Diabetes Technology and has spent the past 20 years of his career advancing the field of diabetes management through the invention of new models, algorithms and new closed loop technologies.

Marc Breton

Algorithm Researcher

Marc, a TypeZero founder, is a faculty member of UVA’s School of Medicine and School of Engineering. Co-founder of the UVA Artificial Pancreas Team (2006), Marc focuses on insulin dosing solutions and computer simulations for therapy optimization in diabetes.

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